Snap! Bingo

Snap Bingo is the game that gives players three exciting ways to win.

The part card, part bingo game is proving very popular with our players and is the talk of the chat rooms here at Jackpotjoy.

Players can buy up to five cards per bingo game with ticket prices varied depending on the type of Snap Bingo you are playing.

Your hand will be revealed once you have confirmed your purchase. This is your first chance to win as if your hand matches one of the type’s below then you will win an instant cash prize.

The pay out prices are listed below with the biggest prize paying a player 250 times their ticket prices if they are able to turn over a Straight Royal Flush.

Hand Type

Pays multiple of card price

Two pair


Three of a kind






Full House


Four of a kind


Straight Flush


Straight Royal Flush


Once Snap Bingo begins the dealer will turn over the cards one at a time. The letters S, N, A, P or ! will appear on any of the cards you match. If you match a full hand the word SNAP! will appear and you will win a jackpot, the amount of which depends on the number of players in the game. Prizes will be shared if there are multiple winners.

If a player wins the game jackpot within seven calls they will also win the game’s Jackpot Bonus – the payouts are shown below.

Call SNAP! in this many numbers Win this multiple of card price
5 Calls 10000x
6 Calls 5000x
7 Calls 2500x

If a player is able to win the jackpot in less than five calls then they will scoop the guaranteed £10,000 instant win jackpot with Snap Bingo.

Are you a bingo player who can turn a poker hand into an instant cash prize? Play now and it won’t be long until you become the latest ‘happy snapper’ at Jackpotjoy!