Winners’ Stories

Terrific Tiki Triumph!

Shirley L. is off on a cruise to mark her 75th birthday after winning more than a grand playing Tiki Bingo.

Lucky Lounge Bingo Win!

Doreen C. has already booked her holiday after winning £5,527 playing Bingo 75 in the Lounge Bingo room!

Lovely Lounge Bingo Win!

Gill S. is over the moon after scooping a £4,640 prize while playing Bingo 75 in the Lounge Bingo room.

Terrific Tiki Bingo Win!

Andrew D. is enjoying a win that came at the perfect time when he scooped £1,283 playing Tiki Bingo.

Tremendous Tiki Triumph!

Donna S. proved that you can turn a Daily Free Game into a big jackpot after winning £2,000 on Bingo, despite not depositing any money!

Lovely Lounge Bingo Win!

Juliet P. proved that you don't always need to buy max tickets to win as she scooped nearly £1,900 after only buying a couple of tickets.

Tiki Triumph Pays for Turkey Trip!

Allison E. is off to Turkey after scooping £1,250 playing a special Link game in the Tiki Bingo room. These special games are played every month and offer increased prizes to our players.

Terrific Tiki Bingo Win!

Karen B. is planning on giving her kids a summer they will never forget after winning a £1,000 jackpot in the Tiki Bingo room!

Round the Clock Winning!

Deborah H. is able to splash the cash on birthdays, holidays and new trainers after she won £3,643 playing Round the Clock Bingo!

Tasty Tiki Temple Triumph!

Alan P. was reduced to tears of joy after he won the Progressive Jackpot on Tiki Temple. The pensioner from North Wales used his winnings to treat himself to a new car so that he can visit his grandchildren whenever he likes.

Sparkling Sapphire Bingo Win!

Ken B. decided to play it safe and spread his money around the Sapphire Bingo room - it certainly worked as he walked away £13,723 richer!

Mind-Blowing Bingo Win!

Ann S. is treating her niece to her dream wedding dress after she scooped a huge win on Daily Playoff Bingo!

Shining Emerald Bingo Win!

Stanley C. is off to France with his wife after claiming two big wins playing Bingo 90 in the Emerald bingo room!

Bingo Player Wins a Bundle!

Kathy H. is off to Greece with the family this summer after enjoying a bumper bingo payout while playing our special monthly game.

Stunning Sapphire Bingo Win!

Caroline B. is over the moon after winning £1,085 on Bingo 90. With two grandchildren due next year she says the win couldn't have come at a better time!

Tasty Tiki Bingo Win!

Karen B. is still in a state of disbelief after winning £1,000 playing Bingo 90 at Jackpotjoy!

Game Show Bingo Success!

David C. can now visit his sister who he hasn't seen in 23 years after hitting the jackpot at Jackpotjoy!

Tremendous Tiki Triumph

Janet R. hit the bingo jackpot in her very first week playing at Jackpotjoy - the £2,000 she won can now be spent on home improvements!

Bejeweled Bingo Bonanza!

Kevin W. and his pet iguana Sid got the shock of their lives when he turned a £2 bonus into a £1,000 bingo win!

Tasty Tiki Triumph!

Jayne L. claimed back-to-back bingo wins with Tiki Bingo at Jackpotjoy. Our generous member then made sure to treat her friends and family in the days that followed.

Brilliant Bingo 20 Win!

Diane G. was delighted to hit the (progressive) jackpot while playing her favourite bingo game onsite!  “I’m delighted to have won £1,314 in Bingo 20 – my favourite game since I joined Jackpotjoy many years ago! I was watching this game and with 11

Tycoon’s Treasure Triumph!

Dorothy M. doesn't want to wake up from this dream after she scooped her third big win of the summer at Jackpotjoy. After winning £4,000 and then £800 earlier in the summer, she has now claimed a massive £14,924 win!

Super Sapphire Win!

Ingrid H. was sure her luck wouldn't come in but when it did she enjoyed a big bingo win and now she is off on holiday!

Wonderful Wonderland Win!

Barry T. managed to turn a 5p stake into a life-changing £102,927.38 after he won the Wonderland Progressive Jackpot at Jackpotjoy!

Life-Changing Deal or No Deal Slot Win!

Sheila R. is still in disbelief after winning £331,182 on Deal or No Deal Slot! After turning down a banker's offer of £250, she went on to win a life-changing jackpot - she's headed on a Baltic cruise to start with!

Tremendous Tiki Win!

Kerry H. couldn't believe her luck when she turned her deposit match bonus into a £2,000 win!

Stunning Sapphire Bingo Win!

Lynne J. scored a huge Sapphire Bingo payout while England face Uruguay in the World Cup last month - she is now treating the rest of her family to plenty of presents!

Back-to-Back Emerald Bingo Wins!

David A. enjoyed back-to-back wins playing Emerald Bingo. Winning £1,000 at Jackpotjoy wasn't enough for David, so he won the same prize on the same game the next day!

Lovely Lounge Bingo Win!

Tania S' win in the Lounge Bingo room allowed her to make her 30-year dream of owning a Mini a reality!

Sizeable Sapphire Bingo Win!

Kathleen M. S. now has the money to change her car, finish decorating her house and go on holiday after a quiet bingo night in earned her an £11,610 win!

Bingo Special Game Windfall!

Elizabeth M. won £10,000 playing our Bingo Special Game - she's now writing a list to decide how to spend her winnings!

Super Sapphire Bingo Win!

Lynette G. won £1,500 playing Bingo 90 in the Sapphire room - she is now planning a holiday and putting in a new kitchen!

Shining Win on Emerald Bingo!

Brian L. landed a nice birthday windfall playing Emerald Bingo - he already has plenty of plans as to how to spend his winnings.

Tremendous Tiki Temple Win!

Matthew H. had to wake his friend up and share the news after he claimed a huge win on Tiki Temple. Now he is just looking for things to spend his money on...

Unbelievable Lounge Win!

Keith G. won £5,082 playing Bingo 75 in the Lounge room - he then took his wife away for her birthday.

Stunning Sapphire Bingo Win!

Eileen A. may have been out of the shops when she won but that didn't stop her scooping a huge £100,158 jackpot in the Sapphire Bingo 90 room!

Brilliant Bullion Bonanza Win!

Jackie B. could celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary in some style after scooping a huge cash win playing Bullion Bonanza!

Super Snap Success!

Susan W. needed her husband to check she wasn't seeing things when she won over five grand playing Super Snap bingo!

Tiki Temple Triumph!

Gillian B. turned 1p into £5,454 playing Tiki Temple at Jackpotjoy. She now has a very long shopping list from her family to think about!

Bejeweled Bingo Win!

Brenda C. started her year off right with a big Bejeweled Bingo win. Here's hoping her luck continues for the rest of the year and beyond.

Sizzling Sapphire Bingo Win!

Louise W. and her family can enjoy their new conservatory after she won £1,250 playing in the Sapphire Bingo room.